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What is Fashion?

Fashion is a daily occurrence in all our lives. Although some of us are oblivious to acknowledge we do care what we wear it remains a challenge as to what we wear in accordance to how we feel each day.

Fashion is for ever changing, that is a certainty. We are overwhelmed by these trends ,of what is in and what not , shoes , jackets, t-shirts, apparel, accessories ,fitness and the list goes on all endorsed by the media, retailers and movies showing us what to wear.

Who dictates fashion?

Icons such as Movie stars, Musicians royalty and other cultural public figures influence what is trending in the fashion. Print, Online Media and magazines will also be right there to advocate the trend in all major events and attractions currently happening throughout the world

Clothes Define and categorize us!

However you are dressed you will be categorized in some form or way. Shorts flip flops and a t-shirt. You might be laid back individual o off to the beach or having a lazy lounge day. Suite and tie with shiny ones on your feet. This screams a professional that takes his life seriously, a jet setter if you will.  You get the point. What we wear gives us a stereo type identity dominated by the fashion industry

There are many reasons we wear what we wear. Fashion is not called a statement by chance and every one of us has a story to tel. You see the most of the time the story told is perceived by the clothes we wear. How about that.

We wear what we wear for many reasons inspired by either emotional states, whether and climate, special occasions, religion our environment and our occupations. Therefore Fashion is Big Business. Millions of people are involved in the industry whether is buying or selling, manufacturing, design or even mending, sowing, dyeing and stitching everything together.

Fashion the endless popularity contest.

Popular fashions are not easy to keep track of. Most of the time it’s not known how clothing designed for the in the UK became a trend on the runways of Paris and other parts of the world. Even jeans are one the most worn item around the world and that designed by Jacob Davis and Levi Strauss in 1873.Jeans are named after the city of Genoa in Italy, where cotton corduroy, called either jean or jeane, was manufactured.

Agreed. It’s so much easier today to see what is trending via social media, TV ads and magazines but the direction is solely reliant on us the buyers and wearers, the individuals who react to events, and trends in music, art and books.

Fashion is a dark horse, a mixture of state of mind and spirit, an addition of self-reflection if you will.  Fashion the essence of being comfortable with oneself, it speaks as an understated whisper, a subtle gesture, a smile, a daring scream to liberate a bold relentless projection of self-image.

Why fashion is so important

As we established, Fashion is self-expression which gives the ability to aspire to the many roles of life, self-esteem. Whether you are the shy one, the rock star, and the entrepreneur prefer, the lady in the Library or the chef in the school canteen. We all celebrating the diversity and variety of this world and fashion brings about change in all of us. Fashion keeps life interesting, us the mirrors of society entertained.

So how is your clothing being chosen for tomorrow morning? It might depend on your mood or you’re routine. Are you exercising or do you have an important meeting will this be the deciding factor as to what you will be bouncing around in the rest of your day? Even so, most of us might be dictated by the laundry basket and the unwashed treasures it holds.


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